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Men’s & Women’s Health and Continence

- Do you sometimes have to rush to the toilet?
- Do you wake up twice or more during the night to go to the toilet?
- Do you sometimes leak when you play sport, laugh or sneeze?
- Do you plan your daily routine around where the nearest toilet is?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions you may have a problem with bladder management or continence. Almost 4 million people Australia wide are affected by incontinence, and it doesn't only affect women. Men suffering prostate problems can also suffer from problems with incontinence, but help is available.


30 - 40% of women are affected by pelvic floor dysfunction in today's society - highlighting the prevalence and importance of the condition and its effects. Most men post prostatectomy will suffer from incontinence in varying degrees. Physiotherapy intervention, delivered thorough patient education, advice and a home based exercise program, has been shown to lessen, and even alleviate, the symptoms.

Our trained staff discuss, in layman's terms, the basic fundamentals of the pelvic floor, and how a weakened pelvic floor can lead to frequency, urge incontinence (not making it to the toilet in time) or stress incontinence (leaking urine with extra pressure such as a cough or sneeze). We take you through a comprehensive exercise program focussed on strengthening the pelvic floor, as well as strategies to help you cope when at home or out in the community.

Our physiotherapists work closely and communicate with GPs, surgeons and gynaecologists to ensure the best possible management and care is delivered to our patients.

Quay St PhysioWe pride ourselves on servicing the community, and with 7 Physiotherapists on staff, we endeavour to provide treatment in a timely manner.