Aquatic physiotherapy - hydrotherapy

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Aquatic Physiotherapy

Aquatic physiotherapy, or hydrotherapy, is physiotherapy in the water. Treatment takes place in the heated pool at Precision Healthcare Centre. Combining physiotherapy techniques with water based activity has multiple benefits for patients at any level of recovery.

  • The natural buoyancy of the water supports your body weight and assists movement, allowing people to exercise in a safe, comfortable and low impact environment. Many people find they can move in water more easily, and with less pain, than on land.
  • As well as assisting movement, water can also be used to resist movement - with pool based strengthening programs and aqua aerobics available to patients.
  • The warmth of the water promotes blood flow – improving blood flow, flexibility and joint range of motion, along with decreasing pain, stiffness and swelling.
  • High level balance exercises in the water are safe, and it never hurts when you fall over.

Quay Street Physiotherapy offers individual treatment sessions in the water. Exercise programs can be prepared for clients to perform independently and progressed as the client improves. Other clients may benefit from regular treatments including hands on and exercise based therapy.

Quay St PhysioWe pride ourselves on servicing the community, and with 7 Physiotherapists on staff, we endeavour to provide treatment in a timely manner.