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- As per the QLD government mandate, all the staff at Quay Street Physio are fully vaccinated. To further decrease risk of COVID transmission, we will be wearing masks and goggles.

- Quay Street Physio will continue to treat all patients regardless of vaccination status. However, unvaccinated patients will be required to wear a mask whilst in the practice including during treatment. If you don’t have a mask, please ask reception staff to provide you with one.

- If you are a NEW PATIENT to the clinic and have stated you are fully vaccinated, we would appreciate seeing proof of your vaccination status upon arrival to your first visit. Once sited, your vaccination status will be noted on your file.

- Again, we are very happy to treat patients who choose not to disclose their vaccination status, but we’d ask that you wear a mask.

- When attending the clinic, we ask that you only arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment time to limit contact time in the waiting room/reception area.

- If you require a carer to bring you to the appointment, we ask that they sit outside while you are having treatment, unless of course, they are required during treatment. If this is the case, we ask that they please be mindful of the above directions and wear a mask accordingly.

- Please keep in mind our Covid screening questions and be certain to reschedule your appointment if you are experiencing any flu like symptoms or if you’ve been to any places listed as a contact tracing site/hot spot/area of concern.

We have put more measures in place regarding hygiene and infection control and we continue to review our Covid safe plan regularly. Our highest priority is the safety and wellbeing of all patients and staff while continuing to provide an essential service, and with this in mind the above measures have been put in place. Thank you again for respecting what we are trying to achieve and your assistance in doing so during this challenging time.

Please note: We will monitor the situation and this policy is subject to change accordingly.

Julie-Anne Zahn

Quay St PhysioWe pride ourselves on servicing the community, and with 7 Physiotherapists on staff, we endeavour to provide treatment in a timely manner.