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Aquatic Physiotherapy (Hydrotherapy) Group Session

Aquatic Physiotherapy is available in a supervised group session every Friday held at the Bundaberg Swim Academy heated pool. Prior to attending a group session an in-rooms consultation is required. This allows for assessment of any injury or pre-exiting health issues prior to the pool session and allows for the Physiotherapist to create a personalised exercise program for each patient.

N.B. The clinic continues to offer one-on-one hydrotherapy sessions which are now being held at Bundaberg Swim Academy using their Heated Magnesium Rehabilitation Pool.

Fee Schedule:

Rooms Consult:


One-on-One Pool Session:


Group Pool Session:


Private Health Fund rebates apply to all sessions.

Please contact reception for further details and bookings – 4153 1920

(Covid safe protocols in place)

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